Hassan El Hadi is an accomplished composer, songwriter and singer as well as an impressive Oud player (an Arabian lute made of wood with a half pear-shaped body with six double strings on a non-fretted short neck).

Originally from Marrakesh Morocco, where all the diversity of the Moroccan music merges, he grew up influenced by the melodic rhythms of the Annual Popular Arts Festivals, the daily Jemaa el Fna market and numerous ceremonies and local festivities.

Leader and founder of the group Hassan El Hadi since his arrival in Quebec, in 1995, has been progressing steadily in his musical career. He studied and graduated at the Conservatoire of music of Marrakesh where he was awarded the honour of best Oud player in 1994.

He skillfully plays the banjo, the hajhouj (a rectangular camel-hide body with a long fretless neck) and percussion.

Not only has he performed with many Middle Eastern and Asian music groups; he has also worked with bands ranging from western classical music to afro-cuban rhythms.

In the Spring 2003, he undertook a three month tour in some of the largest cities of Egypt, playing with a group highly regarded in Egypt as the best renowned musicians of Eastern jazz music in their country.

Hassan El Hadi embraces cultural and musical influences from many parts of the world. He has taken part in concerts and recordings with other artists such as: La Bottine Souriante, Yves Lambert, vocal and musician (founding member of Bottine Souriante) Karen Young, jazz singer Gregory Charles, performer and renowned television broadcaster Companie musicale La Nef, with Claire Gignac, Ben Grossman, Elise Guay and Patrick Graham, Claude Gervaise Ensemble, Quebec based ancient music ensemble Carlos Placeres, Cuban singer Galitcha, Ottawa based Indo-Canadian ensemble Saïd Mesnaoui, Gnawa rhythms musician Freddy and his friends, a group of musicians from Egypt.

Hassan El Hadi has contributed work for the soundtracks of films such as "Mon coeur est témoin" produced by Louise Carré NFB/Tunisia (1996) and "Le désir et l'argile" produced by Baz Shamoun Montreal (1997).

He also appeared on national and international radio and television broadcasts such as: Nile TV International, Egyptian channel by satellite Douk ya mazika, 1st Egyptian channel by satellite Musica, Moroccan Television Algerian Television Les Choix de Sophie, Télé-Québec Bachibouzouk, Radio-Canada in Montreal Radio Centre Ville in Montreal CIBL, Montreal Radio-Canada International Montréal Express, Radio-Canada La Fête de la Musique lead by Angèle Dubault, Radio Canada Franco-Egyptian radio hosted by Nicolas J. Barakat.

Because of his musical diversity, he has taken part in many festivals organized throughout Canada and Morocco including les FrancoFolies of Montreal, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Nuits d'Afrique in Montreal, Vues d'Afrique in Montreal, the Maghreb World Music Festival, the Vancouver Sacred Music Festival, the Rabat World Music Festival in Morocco and the Music Celebration Festival in Egypt.

Hassan El Hadi draws his inspiration from the immense wealth of the Arab and Berber cultural heritage, to create an original repertoire of music firmly rooted in tradition. With him, you will discover not Moroccan music, but Moroccan "musics" from playful, energetic Berber rhythms, to the expressiveness of Arab music, to the poetic and refined Andalusian music. Orchestrated in an original fashion, this music is also spiced-up with a clever touch of jazz.


E-mail: elhadicanada@yahoo.com
Phone: +1 (514) 593 9797

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